More Peas, Please! Why We Love Pea Protein
Protein is a component of every cell in our bodies, and it has a few important jobs to take care of. We need protein to:
  • Help build bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood
  • Repair our body tissue
  • Make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals we need
  • Generally support detoxification, digestion and a healthy immune system
Oh, and it’s a key contributor to healthy, supple, glowing skin as well.
Protein powders are one of the most convenient ways to manage our protein intake, and they’re fast-absorbing as well. This makes it easy to replenish our muscles after a workout, which is why you’ll see most gym bunnies sipping on a shake after their gym sessions.
Whey and soy protein powders have been around for years, and for a while now we’ve seen another variety creeping into mainstream use. Enter pea protein.
So, what’s so great about the humble pea when it comes to boosting our protein intake?
Here are a few reasons we’re such fans of pea protein, and why you’ll find it in some of our superfoods variants (Check them out here).
It’s a weight-management tool
Protein in general is an awesome way to help stabilise blood sugar, and provide nutrients while still keeping your total food volume down. Pea protein specifically can help to regulate your appetite, increase satiety and even help reduce sugar cravings.
You get a portion of veggies with your protein
Since we’re all about sneaking more veggies into the modern day diet, we especially love this point. More and more, research is singing the praises of following a more plant-based diet. Incorporating more plant-based foods into your lifestyle is cost-effective, low risk, and promotes lower blood pressure, cholesterol and your general risk of chronic disease – particularly heart disease. Using pea protein means you up that veggie quota with every scoop – and it’s such a convenient, versatile way to eat more greens as well.
It’s fast-absorbing
Fast-absorbing protein is most useful after exercise, when blood flow to our muscles is high and they’re extra receptive to nutrients. This timing is also important to promote the rebuilding of natural muscle tears that happen after strength workouts. Pea protein is also high in BCAA’s – branched-chain amino acids. These babies help reduce fatigue, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve the use of fat for energy (um, yes please!). 
Pea protein is dairy-free
Dairy-free protein is ultra-convenient for those with specific dietary needs. If you’re lactose intolerant, this is an excellent alternative to whey, and pea protein, in general, wins the title of most hypoallergenic protein powder.
It’s vegan
If you are fully committed to a plant-based life (no animal products or by-products), we know how tricky it can be to reach your protein quota. Pea protein gets another big tick here for offering the same benefits of typical whey protein powders – versatile, convenient, fast-absorbing – with zero animal products or by-products.
*A note on choosing your pea protein: Not all pea proteins are equal in their offerings. Lower quality powders may cut their products with non-nutritional fillers, sweeteners and unhealthy additives. Like all packaged goods, you need to be the label police, scanning the ingredients list for unwanted extras. With Nature’s Nutrition, however, you’ll find nothing but natural products straight from the source. Our pea protein contains zero unhealthy or synthetic additives, colourants or preservatives, and is sweetened with stevia – a natural plant-based sweetener.

Do you use pea protein? How do you most love to use this versatile powder? Don’t forget to check out our Nature’s Nutrition Superfoods Drink Mix with Plant Protein.