Junior MODUGUARD Booster

R 229.00

Blueberry infused immune support formula with Moducare®, vitamin C, D and zinc.

Moducare® Junior MODUGUARD Booster is a convenient and delicious blend of immune-supportive nutrients - suitable for the whole family but specially formulated with junior immunity and taste buds in mind. Moducare®’s proprietary sterol and sterolin complex in a ratio of 100:1 helps to support the immune system.

In combination with organic blueberry powder, important immune-supportive vitamins A, C, D and E, as well zinc, this formula creates a great tasting drink mix that your children will love.

Every serving contains:

• 2000 mg Organic Blueberry Superfoods
• 226 mg Moducare®
• 150 mg Vitamin C
• 600 IU Vitamin D
• High in Zinc