Can I Take Beauty Greens® And Naked Collagen® Daily?

Can I Take Beauty Greens® And Naked Collagen® Daily?

This is a popular question we get asked since both our products contain Peptan® collagen. Collagen is a form of protein, so the first thing to determine is how much protein one’s body needs daily. 

Daily protein requirements

The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily, but the right amount of protein for any individual depends on a bunch of factors, including activity level, age, muscle mass, physique goals and current state of health. For example, expert panels say physically active individuals need more protein than average: from 1.4 grams up to 2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight daily.

Protein, amino acids and collagen

There are many different sources of proteins and each source contains different amino acids (the building blocks of protein). Different amino acids provide for many functions in the body, so taking in a well-balanced, varied diet with many different sources of proteins is what benefits our bodies the most.

Collagen is high in three amino acids that you won't find enough of in plant protein, whey protein and muscle meat proteins. If you want to get technical, they're called: glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. A collagen supplement therefore provides the body with the building blocks needed to build collagen – the fibrous protein that keeps our skin firm, hair and nails strong, and our bones, joints and cartilage healthy.

The benefits of taking collagen supplements daily

Collagen is a well known all-natural supplement with very few side effects. Hydrolysed collagen has a very low molecular weight and is therefore easy for the body to absorb, and is generally well-tolerated.

Most studies relating to skin health have been performed using 10g of collagen peptides a day. Peptan®’s latest study utilised 5g per day. Both doses have been shown to benefit the skin and hair. You can read about these studies in full here: Beauty Gen Studies 

Peptan® has also performed studies using 15g of collagen peptides, and 20g (10g x twice daily) in relation to sports nutrition - where the protein requirements in individuals were higher. In both these studies, an improved quality of life was reported. (Besides the mild, uncomfortable side effects of taking in too much collagen - feeling overly full - there is not necessarily a point of taking too much collagen.)

The bottom line

So, what do all of the stats above tell us? Well, based on the science, consuming up to 20g of collagen peptides per day is recommended for most optimal results. This is especially in the case of increased protein requirements. Since single servings of Beauty Greens® and Naked Collagen® each offer roughly 10g of collagen protein, taking both daily perfectly meets the suggested daily requirements. We'd suggest splitting the dose into 2 servings, so as not to feel overly full. We'd also recommend including various sources of protein in the diet, to benefit from the different amino acids.