20 g Protein Ready-to-Drink

Enjoy your protein on-the-go with this sparkling and refreshing sports drink. Each fruit-flavoured serving provides 20 grams of high biological value protein from premium whey protein isolate and hydrolysed collagen peptides. With added vitamin C, only 100 calories per serving, and zero sugar, carbs, fat, colourants or preservatives, this great tasting, ready-to-go protein drink provides convenience and satisfaction in your efforts to meet your daily protein requirements.

  • 20 g high biological value protein
  • 2 220 mg BCAAs
  • 2 400 mg l-glutamine
  • Supports muscle and connective tissue repair and growth
  • Helps recover, replenish and refresh on-the-go
  • Delicious and refreshing fruit flavour
  • Source of vitamin C
  • Low in calories
Only 100 calories per serving.
Only 100 calories per serving.
Only 100 calories per serving.
Only 100 calories per serving.

20 g High Biological Value Protein

Whey protein isolate and hydrolysed collagen peptides

Every serving contains a blend of Whey Protein Isolate, Pure Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides (Bovine, Type I) and Vitamin C, promoting lean muscle growth and repair.

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Who are these PROTEIN RTDs designed for?

These drinks include a high biological value, pure whey protein formulation that contains collagen, BCAAs and l-glutamine. It has been developed to provide the highest quality of supplemental protein possible to those engaged in weight training and other physically strenuous sports, as well as those who are looking to optimise their muscle recovery and lean muscle building efforts. Consumed after gym or intense training, our Protein RTDs provide all the essential and non-essential amino acids as well as bioactive peptides needed to fuel muscle recovery and growth. They are also suitable as a hydrating, satiating high protein drink for all individuals.

How can I store these drinks?

These cans can be stored in a cool place, and should be refrigerated and consumed within 48 hours of opening.

Are Protein RTDs safe for children?

Yes! The dairy-based protein formulation in these drinks combines high quality, milk-derived whey proteins (concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate) with a delicious flavouring system that is free from pharmaceutically active ingredients, or potentially harmful chemical ingredients. As highly active, sporting teens may not eat a sufficiently varied and nutritious diet, nor consume sufficient high quality proteins and amino acids to meet their body's recovery demands, our various sources of protein can offer valuable nutritional support to help them recover and perform at their best.

Can diabetics drink Protein RTDs?

Current recommendations for sugar intake in diabetics generally advise that daily sugar intake should not exceed 10% of daily energy intake. The UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition further advises that the need for this percentage to ideally be further reduced to 5%, which equates to 25 g of sugars in a 2000 kCal/day diet.

With the aforementioned in mind, our Protein RTDs are sugar-free and thus typically well-suited for consumption by diabetics. Diabetics are, however, always advised to factor their nutritional supplement’s carbohydrate and sugar content into their daily diet plan and continue to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels to ensure that it is maintained within the recommended range.

Are these safe to drink during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

These drinks are formulated entirely from natural ingredients that one would typically find in nutritious everyday whole foods, and contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

It is, however, always our recommendation for pregnant or lactating women to consult with their healthcare practitioner before embarking on any specific diet plan or using nutritional supplements to bolster their diets.

Are your products gluten-free?

All of our ingredients and products are gluten-free and prepared in a gluten-free environment. Our wheatgrass and barley grass are derived from the grasses of each plant (rather than the grain) and are naturally gluten-free. They have been independently tested to ensure they do not contain any traces of gluten.

Are these drinks vegan or vegetarian friendly?

Our Protein RTDs contain milk-derived whey protein and bovine collagen so are therefore unfortunately not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Are these drinks suitable for individuals with food allergies?

Our Protein RTDs products are formulated with ingredients free from allergens such as, soy, eggs, wheat (gluten), peanuts / tree nuts and seafood. However, they contain whey, so are therefore not suitable for those with a dairy allergy.

Do Protein RTDs contain any fillers, binders, sugars or sweeteners?

SPORT Rx formulations are formulated to be 100% free from artificial ingredients including fillers, colourants, preservatives and artificial flavouring and sweeteners.

Can I drink Protein RTDs if I am on medication or have a medical condition?

Whilst our Protein RTDs are formulated with natural ingredients and are therefore not contraindicated with any medication, we always advise those with medical conditions or taking medication to seek advice from their medical practitioner before using any nutritional supplement.

Are SPORT Rx products safe for athletes?

Our blends use 100% natural ingredients which have been formulated with athletes' performance and recovery in mind. They support your efforts naturally and contain no artificial or prohibited substances.