10 g protein per bar

Beauty Collagen Protein Bars

Only R37.50 a bar

Introducing our Beauty Collagen Protein Bars - the ultimate on-the-go collagen booster to beautify your snacking experience.

Each high protein bar is packed with 9 g of pure hydrolysed collagen, infused with superfoods and rich in vitamin C. Finished off with an indulgent sugar-free Belgian chocolate coating, this is the delicious and convenient way to promote radiant skin, strong nails and healthy hair!

  • 10 g protein
  • 9 g pure hydrolysed collagen (bovine, type I and III)
  • 100 mg vitamin C
  • Superfood-infused
  • Sugar-free Belgian chocolate coating
  • Low in calories
Delicious and healthy high protein snack.
Delicious and healthy high protein snack.
Delicious and healthy high protein snack.
Delicious and healthy high protein snack.

10 g Protein per Bar


Let your everyday snacks do more for you. The high protein content in our Beauty Collagen Bars fuel busy days and keep you satiated while building radiance from within. Try our Beauty Collagen Bars today and nourish your beauty with every bite.

The Beauty Bar Difference

  • Premium grade collagen

  • Beauty on the go

  • Low calorie snack

Derived from high quality sources and neutral in both taste and smell, our collagen reaches the necessary parts of the body quickly with maximum results. Beauty Gen® collagen is produced in pharmaceutical grade conditions and has been batch tested to guarantee quality and maintain integrity.

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The best beauty routine is the one you stick to. Our Collagen Beauty Bars turn everyday snacks into nourishing beauty food that conveniently helps support your skin, hair and nails no matter how busy you are.

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Available in three delicious flavours, Beauty Collagen Bars are high in protein but low in calories for healthy snacking. With only 191 calories per serving, each bar is made from real food ingredients, such as dates, honey and almond butter. Give your body all the beauty benefits it needs without any artificial ingredients, flavours of colours.

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What Matters to Us
  • Clean Formulas

    We only use the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. Our Collagen Beauty Bars are naturally sweetened and flavoured, as well as free from binders or fillers.

  • Supporting Ingredients

    Collagen is our hero ingredient, but carefully selected added nutrients provide antioxidants and anti-ageing benefits to enhance vibrant whole body health and beauty.

  • Convenient & Affordable

    For just R37.50 per bar, our Collagen Beauty Bars make the perfect on-the-go snack for your bag, office or car.

What kind of collagen do you use in your bars?

We use collagen peptides, which have been shown to improve skin elasticity and smoothness and increase skin hydration and collagen density.

Can pregnant women take your products?

While marine collagen is generally not recommended whilst pregnant, our collagen is bovine collagen. Taking a collagen supplement will help your skin retain its elasticity, repair and also assist in the formation of new skin cells. This means that taking a collagen supplement is one of the best ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and also to help your body and skin to recover postpartum.

Pregnancy and lactation also place increased nutritional demands on the pregnant woman. The need for protein also increases, for proper fetal and placental growth and development. Many women find it difficult to consume the recommended amount of protein during pregnancy. Women looking for additional protein during pregnancy may find protein powders an easy and convenient alternative to other forms of unprocessed protein. Proper healing after delivery, whether vaginal or by cesarean, requires adequate macro and micronutrients; proper nutrition pre- and post-delivery will have a positive effect on tissue healing. Patients preparing to undergo surgery also need peak immune function to prevent infection. Our 100% natural products can assist with the above nutritional needs, and also supply Vitamin C – which plays an important role in immune function and proper wound repair. That said, please always check anything that you take during pregnancy with your doctor.

Is your product Halaal and Kosher?

Our bovine collagen is Halaal- and Kosher-certified at the source.

Are these bars child-friendly?

When used in small amounts and sparingly, collagen should pose no danger to your child. However, if you have concerns, please discuss them with your pediatrician or registered dietitian. Every child has different needs and circumstances. With appropriate use, these bars should be safe for young children. While we do not recommend supplements to children under the age of four, we suggest a usage of 5 g or less of collagen per day for children under the age of nine, which would equate to roughly half a Beauty Collagen Protein Bar.

Are Beauty Collagen Protein Bars free from gluten and dairy?

Yes, they are free from gluten and dairy. Please note that our products are made in a facility that processes gluten and dairy.

Can you tell me more about the quality of your ingredients?

The superfoods used in our products are USDA certified organic and our collagen carries GRAS status (Generally Recognised As Safe).

When will I start noticing the effects of collagen?

According to clinical trials, a daily intake of 5-10 g of collagen per day will help to maintain the skin's hydration, firmness and elasticity (i.e. its youth and beauty). Our Beauty Collagen Protein Bars contain 9 g a serving. Some studies have shown that skin's hydration improves after one to two months, and several communities have demonstrated the benefits of collagen peptides for preserving joint health. Most studies show effects within three months.