Branched Chain Amino Acids

R300 for 30 servings · Only R13.30 per serving

Conquer limits and exceed your goals with HYDRA BCAA Rx.

This scientifically formulated blend combines branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), collagen peptides and l-glutamine to support muscle endurance and optimise performance. Key electrolytes replenish hydration levels before, during or after exercise.

With added vitamin C and a formula free from sugar or carbs, you can rely on Hydra BCAA Rx for optimal hydration and next-level recovery.

  •  7 000 mg BCAAs
  •  > 1 000 mg electrolyte blend
  •  2 000 mg l-glutamine
  •  2 000 mg collagen peptides
  •  100 mg vitamin C
Branched Chain Amino Acids.
Collagen Peptides.
Vitamin C.

Provide lean muscle tissue protection and support


The HYDRA BCAA Rx Difference

  • Electrolytes for muscle hydration

  • Collagen peptides for growth & repair

Supplementing with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) helps to protect muscles during training, as well as support muscle recovery, repair and growth after your workouts. Adding a precise combination of electrolytes to your BCAAs – as found in our blend – helps to maintain muscle hydration, further extending muscle endurance and exercise performance.


Collagen peptides are important for the health of your muscles, joints and skin. They contain amino acids that promote the synthesis of new muscle proteins, encouraging muscle tissue regeneration. Supplementing with collagen peptides alongside BCAAs can lead to faster recovery times and reduced muscle soreness post-training, while aiding in muscle repair and growth. The added vitamin C in HYDRA BCAA Rx supports efficient collagen synthesis for better utilisation in the body.


What an extraordinary natural product that has just grown and is amazing to have access to them being a vegan.

Tamsin Montgomorey

I was really impressed with the overall service which includes product being delivered on time, the products I received & value for my money.

Shirley Dlamini

Being healthy, energized and having long, strong and fabulous hair and nails have NEVER been easier! I love my monthly dose of health!

Mishka Loesch

Sport RX whey is one of the most phenomenal products I have used. It has your Supergreens and collagen in and tastes delicious. Cannot recommend this whey enough.

Kelly Stegen

By far the best overall wellness nutrition brand in the country. Bravo

Steve Uria

As a person that values health. I can’t imagine ever using anything but Sport RX.

Barry Munger

Not only do I personally love these products, but the consistent positive feedback I get from clients tells me that it is a high quality product. From energy levels, to better sleep, to better skin... The positive comments are endless!

Danielle Venter
How can I store this product?

You should store HYDRA BCAA Rx in a cool, dry place like your pantry, although storing opened packaging in your fridge may help to prevent moisture absorption and clumping, especially in warm, humid environments, thereby potentially extending shelf life.

Is HYDRA BCAA Rx safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

While HYDRA BCAA Rx is formulated from natural ingredients that one would typically find everyday whole foods, it is always our recommendation for pregnant or lactating women to consult with their healthcare practitioner before embarking on any specific diet plan or using nutritional supplements to bolster their diets.

Is this product gluten-free?

While HYDRA BCAA Rx is made in a facility that uses tree nuts, peanuts, wheat (gluten) and eggs, the formula is free from gluten and can thus be considered gluten-free.

Is HYDRA BCAA Rx suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

This product contains bovine-derived collagen peptides so is unfortunately not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

What is the difference between a BCAA and whey protein supplement?

Whey is a source of complete protein that is formed by essential amino acids. BCAAs consist of three of these amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. Whey supplements can be used as meal replacements, while
BCAAs are lower in calories.

Why are BCAAs singled out over other essential amino acids?

BCAAs stand out from the other amino acids because you don’t break them down in the liver. Instead, you store them directly in your muscles, where they support processes that help muscles to repair and rebuild.

Should I replace my protein supplement with BCAAs?

No, they serve different (although aligned) purposes. Whey (or similar protein sources) will boost your overall protein intake and substantially support your muscle growth and strength. While BCAAs also support these goals, their primary benefits are to reduce feelings of fatigue during training, reduce muscle soreness and boost recovery.

What makes HYDRA BCAA Rx different from other BCAAs?

The benefits of BCAAs are enhanced with added collagen peptides, further promoting muscle and cartilage recovery and regeneration. Collagen synthesis is supported with added vitamin C, and muscle hydration is optimised with a targeted formula of key electrolytes.