Advanced anti-ageing & hair-loss solutions.

Discover a world of beauty and wellness with our range of carefully curated products! From collagen powders to anti-ageing vitamins and hair growth supplements, formulated with unique and nutrient-rich ingredients to provide you with the best possible results.

Our team of experts, with a collective 60+ years in the industry are passionate about creating solutions to address the real-life struggles faced by our community.

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    Ageless Skin Vitamins

    Plump, hydrate and firm your skin with a blend of collagen-boosting ingredients and an advanced anti-ageing complex designed to produce results in 3-weeks.


    Beauty Infused Collagen

    Your all-in-one delicious beauty-nourishing collagen powder packed with an infusion of antioxidant superfoods & pure hydrolysed collagen.


    Radiant Hair Vitamins

    Rapid growth for longer, fuller & healthier hair, while getting to the root cause of excess hair shedding, hair loss, damaged hair and unwanted frizz.


Real people. Real inspiration.


I have watched my blemishes disappear, my skin has a glow to it, I can see a drastic change, fine lines have smoothed out and the bags under my eyes have finally faded and NOTHING was getting rid of those! Thank you Tululla Ageless Skin Vitamins, I do love thee!!


Something I didn't expect - is that my rosacea has pretty much cleared up! The redness around my nose and cheeks has calmed right down, and I no longer see those tiny bumps/pimples on my skin that used to flare up with stress. Thank you Tululla! I continue to recommend this product to my friends. As a vegan, I also appreciate that the product is vegan-friendly.


I am so happy with the results and feel Blessed that I had the privilege of using your products. I have Alopecia areata where my body attacks my hair follicles and causes hairloss in patches. I have been using @Tululla Hair Vitamins for 7 weeks now with amazing results


I was quite shocked! I started taking Tululla Hair Vitamins and the results after just 2 months are astounding. I am so happy to have my hair back and continue to give my hair the nutrients it needs to keep thriving!


Going bald was/is not an option for me! After Covid, I noticed my hair thinning and the barber suddenly commenting on it... These Tululla radiant hair vitamins have restored my hair to its natural healthy state. The results honestly speak for themselves. Simple and easy - 2 tablets per day - I don't leave the house without them!


I am a skeptic when it comes to beauty products. Tululla's ageless skin VITAMINS blew me away! After 2 weeks my wrinkles started to disappear and my skin began to plump up. I am so excited to keep using this product.


I've been using the ageless skin vitamins for a few months now, and the difference in my skin is incredible! Fewer breakouts, areas of hyperpigmentation have faded significantly, and my skin has a glow to it. I've never had the confidence to go out in public without a full face of makeup, but now I feel like I can actually show off my skin.


It WORKS! I was skeptical but thought what the heck, I'll give it a try. I'm super stoked by the results from the hair Vit's! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's a super product with super friendly and efficient service.


Hair Shedding drastically reduced. My hair has grown like crazy! All the short fly-away broken hairs have fully grown out making my hair look and feel so much thicker.


I have been using this amazing product daily together with the the Beauty Infused Collagen ~ namely “The Skin Love Bundle” for a few months now and have experienced the most remarkable results and received many compliments, like “your skin is glowing” and “your skins is looking so good, what are you doing?”.


In terms of my beauty regime, I’ve always used good topical products but never felt good from the inside. However, after just a month of taking Tululla’s beauty infused COLLAGEN, I started noticing that I had more energy and felt more confident in general. Two months in, my skin felt plumper, and I had a natural glow that I didn’t have before.


As a teenager I suffered from severe acne. I would never leave the house (even for school) without wearing make-up/ foundation. I had zero confidence because of my skin and I always felt self conscious about my skin. I also have very oily skin which irritated me even more!
Then I came across Tululla's Beauty Infused Collagen and my skin changed for the better. I only drank a month supply of their collagen...and these are the results I got! I am insanely grateful for their product! I am now able to not wear make-up and still be confident!


I’ve had drastic results in the first month! I really noticed a difference in my skin – from less fine lines to better skin firmness and a general glow in my face which made me feel really confident.


I regret not taking a before picture, I have noticed an improvement in the wrinkles around my eyes and also my wrinkly saggy chin, neck area. Highly recommend!


I’ve been drinking a glass of this every morning before my greens for the last month or so & it has my skin feeling SO GOOD! My skin feels so hydrated and vibrant & my hair has literally never felt better. The best part though… is the TASTE! I am a HUGE fan of this collagen supplement powder.

Ci Davis

Few years ago i was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disorder called Bullous Pemphigoid. This disorder affect your skin a lot. I am on third week on the product. You will be amazed at how i look. My nails and lets talk about my nails grown so long.


It's been a little over a month since I have been on the Tululla beauty collagen, and my hair is looking so much healthier and shiny. My hair fall has decreased tremendously. My skin looks and feels so hydrated. 😍 I wish I had a before of my hair, but I did not think too much of it at the time. Such is an investment in yourself for yourself


I have to say, I’m impressed. My skin is feeling the best it’s felt in a long time. A combination of these vitamins with the right skincare routine has my skin glowing and feeling so much healthier. I’ve only completed the first 30 days, but I already notice my under eye pigmentation lightening up, softer appearance of the acne scaring on my cheeks, and just more overall glow. I still have work to do, but I’m loving the progress.


Less shedding after surgery. I recently had weight loss surgery and an unfortunate side effect is hair loss. I started taking the radiant hair vitamins 16 days ago and noticed a significant decrease in hair loss/shedding when washing my hair.


With most things on line im always skeptical if it will work, after reading the reviews i thought after 3 months of every day use i will start to see a change...that was lie ;)!! i started seeing the results of a new fresh look after 2 weeks of every day use, my skin looks healthy, I have this glow from the inside and my skin feels and looks hydrated, I will be placing monthly orders from hereon. Thank you for bringing this product to SA. im very happy with my results and can only imagine what it will look like after 3 months.


I have been loving these Ageless Skin Vitamins! They are so easy to incorporate into my morning routine, and I can see the overall improvement in my skin tone. It truly does give my skin a more vibrant look. My skin looks and feels a lot more hydrated in my after photos.


I recently turned 40 and although I take pretty good care of my skin with a skincare routine, I decided it was time to try some vitamins to help too. I have been taking them for about a month now, and I see the glow. My skin just looks perkier, and dewy.


I have started this collagen about 3 weeks ago. Even with some life changes and increase stress I truly saw how well this collagen works. One thing I’ve noticed is baby hairs and I don’t mean one or two. It was several strands. So of course as a woman in my 40s I was so excited!! Another I noticed was glowing skin. Not right away but over time. I can truly testify that over time the benefits will just continue to be better and better! I feel every woman should own this collagen!


I am on a hair growth journey. I have growing out my shaved sides for a little over a year now, and I was looking for help. This is easy peasy and my hair feels amazing.


I’m a hairstylist and I’ve always had very thin, brittle hair. I’ve also experimented with so many different color combinations over the years, which hasn’t done my hair any favors. After using Tululla radiant hair VITAMINS I started getting compliments from my co-workers and clients on how full my hair is looking. It feels amazing.


For the first time in my life, I love my hair. In the past, I struggled to grow my hair, so I couldn’t believe that just 2 capsules a day could make such a difference and allow me to fall in love with my hair again


Hi I have to admit I was skeptical as I tried alot of methods previously, so far I'm over 2weeks of taking the supplements and I have noticed a growth in my hair... Hope to see more results in the 2month. Thank you.

Duvelda reddy

  • 1. Reduce early signs of ageing, naturally.

  • 2. Combat hair loss.

  • 3. More than just another brand.

Your skin is a direct reflection on what's going on inside of your body, along with your current skincare regimen.

Our team of experts created a formula that contains a blend of antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to give your skin a defense mechanism to combat environmental factors and lifestyle choices that directly impact your skin. Slow down early signs of ageing with the latest research-backed nutrients including resveratrol, co-enzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, fisetin and a range of skin-loving vitamins and minerals.

Tululla radiant hair VITAMINS targets the root cause of hair shedding while promoting new hair growth resulting in fuller, healthier hair. Nourish your hair from root to tip with an amino acid complex and supporting antioxidants.

Hair shedding has become a common concern in our community, leaving consumers reaching for hair wellness solutions. Build and protect your hair from the inside out.

At Tululla we believe that beauty is not a look, it's a feeling and everyone deserves to experience it. Our brand values flow into everything we do, from our give-back programs, plastic-free packaging and tested formulas.

What matters to us.
  • Plastic-free.

    Proudly plastic-free, our packaging—from containers to tubs and even the scoop in our beauty-infused COLLAGEN—is an eco-conscious choice. Rigorously sourced, our food-grade cores endure industry demands while maintaining a stylish appearance.

  • Proven results.

    Trust in our nutraceuticals for proven results: longer, stronger hair, fewer lines and wrinkles, increased energy, a healthier gut and a radiant, glowing complexion that lasts.

  • Science-backed.

    Harmonising natural superfoods, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and potent anti-aging ingredients like co-enzyme Q10, quercetin, hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed collagen, and resveratrol, our carefully curated blends cater to your specific beauty/wellness needs.

  • Industry experts.

    Our team of biochemists, with years of dedicated experience, has meticulously sourced and formulated the precise combination of science-backed ingredients found in our nutraceuticals, ensuring unparalleled efficacy.

  • Giving back.

    We’re passionate about making a difference. We donate R20 for every order made through our online store by partnering with Happy Bundles, a non-profit organization that brings life-changing moments of joy to children with cancer.

  • Holistic beauty.

    We're all about working in harmony with Mother Nature and embracing the goodness of clean, natural ingredients, with a proven track record, to help tackle your everyday health and beauty challenges.


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