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Scientifically proven to regulate your immune system.

Moducare® is not medicine: it does not interfere with any metabolic processes of either the patient or an infecting agent. It is a messenger that initiates a correction of existing immune system imbalances or maintains a healthy balance. While immune boosters are often sought after to strengthen immunity, research shows us that what our immune systems need most is balance, not a boost. Restoring this balance to our body’s defence processes enhances their protective abilities, more than simply boosting the activity of a system that may be dysfunctional.


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    The Original Moducare®

    Moducare® is a concentration of naturally occurring plant fats found in fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Plant sterols and sterolins in the patented ratio of 100:1 support a weakened immune system and regulate an overactive immune response. Moducare® offers support to daily immune system health.


    Moducare® Plus

    In addition to sterols and sterolins in Moducare®’s trusted 100:1 ratio, Moducare® Plus is fortified with targeted vitamins and antioxidants for enhanced immune support.


    Moduguard Boosters

    Moducare® MODUGUARD Booster is a convenient and delicious blend of immune-supportive nutrients, designed for those looking to optimise their daily immunity and well-being.

    Moducare® MODUGUARD Booster offers an adult and junior blend.


  • The science explained.

  • The role of acquired immunity.

  • The arms of immunity.

Moducare® is a proprietary blend of plant sterols and sterolins known as beta-sitosterol and beta-sitosterol-d-glucoside in a ratio of 100:1. These beneficial nutrients occur in all plants and are responsible for regulating biological processes.

In humans, sterols and sterolins in this specific ratio provide immune-balancing properties and can activate the cells that regulate the immune system. Plant sterols and sterolins have been shown in clinical studies to have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties and can help normalize the stress hormone cortisol. Plant sterols and sterolins have been extensively studied in athletes to help reduce colds and flu when overexercising, in chronic viral infections, allergies, and rheumatoid arthritis and other over-active immune conditions. Moducare® helps to support immune system balance.

Alongside our original and much-loved Moducare® capsules, we have created a versatile range of products. Those looking for an immune booster for kids and adults can try our powdered all-in-one formulas with added superfoods, vitamin C, vitamin D and other immune-supportive nutrients, or our original capsules fortified with antioxidants to enhance overall wellbeing.

The most important molecules and cells of the adaptive/acquired immune system are cytokines and T cells. Cytokines interact with each other to respond to invading pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, as well as defend against tissue changes induced by cancer-causing viruses or abnormal changes to a healthy cell.

Then, there are various types of T cells, each with very distinct functions. For optimal immune function, both TH1 and TH2 cells need to function at the correct level. This is where the sterols and sterolins that make up Moducare® step in.

To better understand the manner in which the immune system functions, we often describe the two arms of immunity: innate (natural) versus specific (acquired). The innate immunity is non-specific but reacts very quickly. These are your automatic responses such as sneezing or forming phlegm. The acquired immunity, on the other hand, is highly specific and slower to respond, but is longer lasting. This includes healthy responses, such as reacting positively to a vaccine, and unhealthy responses, such as allergic reactions or inflammatory responses seen in autoimmune diseases like arthritis and lupus.


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