Nature's Nutrition Plant Protein Flavours


Plant-Based Protein

R349 for 20 servings · Only R17.45 per serving

Increase your daily protein intake with a highly bioavailable source of complete protein that is 100% plant-derived. This synergistic blend of rice and pea protein has been carefully formulated to provide a complete and balanced amino acid profile.

  • 100% vegan-friendly
  • 15 g complete plant protein (pea and rice)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High in prebiotic fibre
  • < 90 calories per serving
  • Delicious creamy taste
  • Simple stir-into-anything formula
  • Essential and non-essential amino acids
Best-selling plant protein.
Best-selling plant protein.
Best-selling plant protein.
Best-selling plant protein.

Vegan Protein


Every serving contains sustainable, earth-friendly ingredients that are free from cholesterol, gluten, egg, dairy and soy, while providing 15 g of complete protein. The added chocolate flavour offers additional antioxidant benefits and mood-enhancing properties as well. This is the easy way to lead a more plant-based lifestyle and increase your protein intake while caring for your planet.

The Nature's Nutrition Difference

  • Amino acids

  • Complete source of plant protein

  • Prebiotics and probiotics

Proteins are formed out of 20 different types of amino acids. Nine are called “essential amino acids”, which the body cannot make, so we need to take them in through our diet. Foods containing all nine amino acids in adequate amounts are called “complete proteins”. Animal proteins such as meat, eggs and dairy are complete proteins, but it is much trickier to take in the right amino acid profile through plant-based proteins only. However, our pioneering plant protein formula supplies all nine amino acids (plus many other non-essential amino acids) in adequate amounts, making it a rare source of complete plant protein.

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Both pea and rice protein contain all nine essential amino acids that are vital for maintaining a healthy, well-functioning body. Pea protein is, however, lower in cysteine and methionine and particularly rich in lysine. Rice protein, on the other hand, is higher in cysteine and methionine but low in lysine. When combined, these plant-derived proteins provide a balanced amino acid profile of both essential and non-essential amino acids – superior to any single plant protein source. Every serving provides 15 g of complete plant protein.

Find My Flavour

By working synergistically, prebiotics and probiotics form a powerful synbiotic that helps to strengthen the gut barrier, improving nutrient absorption and promoting optimal digestion. These two components work hand-in-hand to nourish healthy gut bacteria, leading to improved gut health, increased energy levels, and enhanced overall health and wellbeing. Incorporate a synbiotic into your daily routine to experience the many benefits of prebiotics and probiotics working together to support your gut and overall health.

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Best-Selling Combo

Pair your favourite Plant Protein with your choice of Nature’s Nutrition 50 Organic Superfoods Drink Mix, an all-in-one blend of 50 organic superfoods, probiotics, vitamins and minerals, and get a FREE recipe book.

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What matters to us?
  • Product Testing

    We prioritise quality by sourcing our own raw materials, conducting product testing, and upholding the highest standards in our manufacturing facilities.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Opting for a more plant-based diet lowers your risk  of obesity and chronic illness plus it’s better for the environment. Good for the planet, and good for you.

  • Convenient & Affordable

    For just R18 per day, simply stir a serving of our Plant Protein into water, plant milk, smoothies, oats, yoghurt or home-baked recipes for an instant, delicious protein boost.

Why did you choose Pea & Rice Protein?

Pea protein is a nutrient-dense plant protein that is hypoallergenic, comparatively high in BCAAs to whey protein, vegan, lactose-free and easily digestible. Pea protein is naturally low in cysteine and methionine amino acids and rich in lysine, while rice protein is high in cysteine and methionine, but low in lysine. When combined, these plant-derived proteins provide a balanced amino acid profile of both essential and non-essential amino acids – superior to any single plant protein source.

What do your products taste like?

Each product has a unique taste as they all contain different flavouring ingredients, from cocoa to vanilla caramel. We do not add artificial flavourings or sweeteners to any of our blends. You can reach out to our team at if you would like some advice about what each blend tastes like.

How can I store your products?

You should store your tub in a cool, dry place like your pantry, although storing opened containers in your fridge may help to prevent moisture absorption and clumping, especially in warm, humid environments, thereby potentially extending shelf life.

What else can I mix with the powder besides water and milk?

You can also add our Plant Protein to smoothies, oats, pancakes and healthy homemade recipes. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular healthy and delicious recipe ideas.

What makes Nature’s Nutrition different to other protein products on the market?
  • The use of a unique blend of Pea and Rice Plant Protein
  • The incorporation of a unique, stable and clinically tested spore probiotic which supports digestive and intestinal health, immunity and optimal nutrient absorption
  • Formulations that are completely free from artificial or unnatural ingredients including artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours and preservatives
  • Products manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, regulated by stringent quality assurance and food safety standards
Are your products safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Whilst our products are formulated entirely from natural ingredients that one would typically find in nutritious everyday whole foods like fruits and vegetables, it is always our recommendation for pregnant or lactating women to consult with their healthcare practitioner before embarking on any specific diet plan or using nutritional supplements to bolster their diets.

Are your products gluten-free?

All of our ingredients and products are gluten-free and prepared in a gluten-free environment. Our wheatgrass and barley grass are derived from the grasses of each plant (rather than the grain) and are naturally gluten-free. They have been independently tested to ensure they do not contain any traces of gluten.

Are your products vegan?

Yes. All of our formulations are free from dairy and other animal-derived ingredients, and are therefore 100% vegan friendly.

Is Nature’s Nutrition suitable for individuals with food allergies?

Nature’s Nutrition products are formulated with ingredients free from allergens, including dairy, soy, eggs, wheat (gluten), peanuts / tree nuts and seafood. This being said, they are produced in a factory that manufactures products with these allergens.

Does Nature’s Nutrition contain any fillers, binders, sugars or sweeteners?

Nature’s Nutrition formulations are formulated to be 100% free from artificial ingredients including fillers, colourants, preservatives and artificial flavouring and sweeteners.

Can I use your products if I am on medication or have a medical condition?

Whilst our products are formulated with 100% natural plant-derived ingredients and are therefore not contra-indicated with any medication, we always advise those with medical conditions or taking medication to seek advice from their medical practitioner before using any nutritional supplement.

Are Nature’s Nutrition products safe for athletes?

Our blends use 100% natural ingredients which are safe for athletes and contain no artificial or prohibited substances

Where are your ingredients sourced from?

We take great pride in sourcing the highest quality certified USDA organic superfoods from the USA, which are blended on home soil with other carefully selected ingredients such as fibre, pea protein, probiotics and vitamins.