Your Clean Pre-Workout

R399 for 20 servings · Only R19.95 per serving

ENERGY Rx is the ultimate pre-training, pre-event or pre-workout supplement for health-conscious individuals. This plant-based formula provides fast-acting but long-lasting clean energy to power your training sessions – no artificial stimulants here. Potent superfoods and plant-derived extracts improve blood flow, heighten mental focus and energise you for peak performance.

Skip the jitters associated with traditional pre-workouts and rely on a nutrient-rich formulation that works as hard as you do – without the crash.

  • Polyphenol Rich Organic Superfoods
  • CitraPeak™ Citrus Peel Vasodilator
  • Xtenergy™ Green Coffee Bean Energiser
No Jitters.
No Jitters.
No Jitters.
No Jitters.

Fast-Acting & Long-Lasting

Naturally boost your energy

The ENERGY Rx Difference

  • Clean energy

  • No jitters

SPORT Rx is a clean label blend, free from preservatives, artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. Organic superfoods provide polyphenol and antioxidant muscle tissue support. CitraPeak™ increases vasodilation and blood flow to working muscles. Xtenergy™ sustained release green coffee bean extract yields long-lasting energy.


The plant-based ingredients found in ENERGY Rx are designed to provide fast-acting but long-lasting clean energy. The slow release of green coffee bean extract, use of potent superfoods and plant-derived extracts, and absence of artificial stimulants guarantees heightened mental focus and physical performance with no jitters or crash.


What an extraordinary natural product that has just grown and is amazing to have access to them being a vegan.

Tamsin Montgomorey

I was really impressed with the overall service which includes product being delivered on time, the products I received & value for my money.

Shirley Dlamini

Being healthy, energized and having long, strong and fabulous hair and nails have NEVER been easier! I love my monthly dose of health!

Mishka Loesch

Sport RX whey is one of the most phenomenal products I have used. It has your Supergreens and collagen in and tastes delicious. Cannot recommend this whey enough.

Kelly Stegen

By far the best overall wellness nutrition brand in the country. Bravo

Steve Uria

As a person that values health. I can’t imagine ever using anything but Sport RX.

Barry Munger

Not only do I personally love these products, but the consistent positive feedback I get from clients tells me that it is a high quality product. From energy levels, to better sleep, to better skin... The positive comments are endless!

Danielle Venter
Who should use ENERGY Rx?

The ENERGY Rx formulation has been carefully researched and developed for those engaged in strenuous physical activity and who are looking for a pre-performance mental and physical boost. Used pre-training, pre-competition, pre-match or pre-workout, ENERGY Rx is designed to support increased energy and focus and thus boost performance.

Is ENERGY Rx safe for children?

Whilst ENERGY Rx is formulated from 100% natural ingredients and is free from potentially harmful chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients, due to the stimulatory nature of some of the ingredients, we do not recommend its use in those under 18 or sensitive to stimulants, in particular those prone to hyperactivity or attention deficit.

How can I store this product?

ENERGY Rx should be stored in a cool, dry place like your pantry, although storing this product in your fridge may help to prevent moisture absorption and clumping, especially in warm, humid environments, thereby potentially extending shelf life.

Is ENERGY Rx diabetic-friendly?

Current recommendations for sugar intake in diabetics generally advise that daily sugar intake should not exceed 10% of daily energy intake. The UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition further advises that this percentage ideally be reduced to 5%, which equates to 25 g of sugars in a 2000 kCal/day diet. With ENERGY Rx having 5 g of sugar per serving, the product is well suited for inclusion in a low-carbohydrate, diabetic-friendly diet. That being said, diabetics should always factor the product's carbohydrate and sugar content into their daily diet plan and continue to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels to ensure that it is maintained within the recommended range.

How many servings of ENERGY Rx can I take per day?

Due to the stimulatory nature of ENERGY Rx we do not recommend consuming more than 2 servings within any 12-hour period. We suggest refraining from consuming too close to bedtime.

Is this product safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

This product contains natural stimulants and is not recommended to pregnant or lactating women.

Is ENERGY Rx gluten-free?

While ENERGY Rx is made in a facility that uses tree nuts, peanuts, wheat (gluten) and eggs, the formula is free from gluten and can thus be considered gluten-free.

What are the benefits of ENERGY Rx?

It provides quick clean energy with no jitters, supplying sustained energy release with no crash. ENERGY Rx will also help enhance your mood, focus and intensity while increasing vasodilation and blood flow to working muscles, therefore supporting quicker intra-training recovery.

What other SPORT Rx products should I use with ENERGY Rx?

Consuming ENERGY Rx pre-performance coupled with our RECOVER Rx post-exercise provides a potent “one-two nutritional punch” in your efforts to boost your physical and sporting performance and facilitate faster post-training or after-event recovery. 

Does ENERGY Rx contain any artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours?

ENERGY Rx is completely free from these and other artificial ingredients, and relies purely on natural colouring and flavouring and sweetening from small amounts of dehydrated coconut flower sap and natural stevia leaf extract.