Fish Collagen Benefits: Is it Right for You?

Fish Collagen Benefits: Is it Right for You?

Choosing a collagen source is not a one size fits all process. Different sources offer unique benefits that may be better suited to particular lifestyles, cultures and health goals.

Marine collagen powder has been on offer in the beauty and wellness market for many years, providing a variety of unique pros and cons that often leave it with mixed reviews from the public. When seeking alternatives to bovine collagen, fish collagen has recently emerged as a more sophisticated alternative than marine sources, providing many of the same benefits without the specific downsides.
If you are interested in fish-based collagen, learn more about its unique benefits below.

What are some general differences between fish and marine collagen?

Farm-raised freshwater fish collagen means no risk of heavy metal contamination (such as mercury) and lower sodium content. Marine (ocean-sourced) collagen is usually sourced from a wide variety of species, making it hard to guarantee nutritional uniformity.

A single source of fish collagen allows for 100% traceability, plus complete quality control not only of the final product, but of the raw ingredients as well. This allows for exact uniformity batch to batch for consistent health benefits.

Can a fishy aftertaste be avoided?

One of the biggest complaints about marine collagen powder is the fishy aftertaste that comes with it. This is because the broad variety of species used in marine collagen is more likely to add unwanted odours and flavours to the end product.

Using farmed freshwater fish, however, neutralises unwanted flavour and also guarantees a lower sodium content, which contributes to a largely improved taste.

Are there unique fish collagen benefits?

This largely depends on the source of fish. Many fish offer their own unique profile of amino acids, supplying specific health benefits. Collagen derived from the skin of pangasius fish, for example, contains more proline and valine than any other marine collagen. It also contains more hydroxyproline, isoleucine, leucine, lysine and phenylalanine than any other collagen product on the market.

Also, the temperature in which the source animal lives heavily influences its molecular similarity to humans. Ocean fish are adapted to cold saltwater, whereas farm-raised pangasius spend their entire lives in fresh, room temperature water. The result is collagen that more closely resembles that of land-dwelling animals, including humans, which equates to more bioavailability.

Do fish collagen benefits outweigh those of bovine collagen?

Choosing a source of collagen can be tailored to your specific preferences and nutritional needs. Because fish-sourced collagen does not contain pork or beef content, it is widely accepted across different cultural backgrounds and diets, such as halaal, kosher or pescatarian.

Both bovine and fish-sourced collagen have a low molecular weight, providing excellent absorption and bioavailability, although fish collagen benefits the user ever so slightly more due to marginally higher bioavailability.

Another fish collagen benefit compared to other collagen sources is a reduced risk of illness, since other animal sources can be associated with disease transfer to humans. (In this instance, choosing a bovine collagen that is sustainably sourced and hormone-free will largely mitigate these risk compared to less controlled bovine sources.)

Both types provide benefits to hair, skin, nails and joints thanks to type I peptides that support skin hydration, plumper skin, reduced appearance of wrinkles, better skin texture, strong nails, strengthened hair and improved joint, muscle and bone health.

Bovine collagen products also typically contain type III collagen, offering further support for muscles, organs and arteries plus skin hydration and elasticity. Type III collagen also supports gut health.
Selecting the right collagen products for your specific needs and preferences requires a greater understanding of the different options available and their unique benefits. Browse the full range of Beauty Gen Collagen products to find your perfect fit.