Beetroot: A natural solution for reducing inflammation

Raw beetroot was administered as a common, affordable, safe to use natural remedy and a possible alternative to the common pharmaceutical over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. Its efficiency was evaluated in few particular situations involving inflammation, as: episodes of gingivitis and toothache, migraine headaches, or as part of a more elaborate plan to recover from Bell's palsy. All three cases are individuals in the age range 50–65.

Eating raw beetroot and chewing thoroughly proved to be an efficient way to alleviate symptoms of gingivitis. Gum inflammation was fully resolved within a week.

In another case, it helped reduce deep pulsating headaches and recurrent pain which prevented sleep, as well as ease the tension; the headache was relieved within 30 minutes and a good night's rest could be resumed.

Another challenge was given to help accelerate recovering from Bell’s palsy condition (under a more elaborate plan which included vitamin B12 supplements and massage therapy). Complete recovery and returning to normal function could be obtained within 8 weeks instead of 3–6 months.

Beetroot proved to be a potential highly effective anti-inflammatory remedy, easily accessible and safe to use.


Assimiti, D., (2019). The Use of Beetroot as Natural Solutions for Reducing Inflammation - Case Studies from Thailand. Current Developments in Nutrition, vol. 3, iss. 1, 1201.