Reducing inflammatory markers with curcumin

Both being overweight and obesity are linked to chronic low-grade inflammation; although the exact mechanisms are not clear, it is known that pro-inflammatory cytokines are released. These cytokines are thought to be at the core of the complications associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, addressing inflammation is important.

A study evaluated the effect of curcumin supplementation on serum cytokines concentrations (inflammatory markers) in subjects with metabolic syndrome. Results of the study suggest that curcumin supplementation significantly decreases serum concentrations of inflammatory markers in subjects with metabolic syndrome.


Panahi, Y., et al. (2016). Effects of curcumin on serum cytokine concentrations in subjects with metabolic syndrome: A post-hoc analysis of a randomized controlled trial. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Volume 82, August 2016, Pages 578-582.