8 Health Philosophies From SA's Mark Buckner

8 Health Philosophies From SA's Mark Buckner

South Africa's own bachelor Mark Buckner sat down to share his perspectives on health and happiness.

What is your definition of a healthy person?

I have a holistic approach to health which, for me, means that true health is not only physical but also emotional and psychological. Healthy mind, healthy body.

What healthy habit/s do you follow daily, without fail? 

I try to make time for physical activity, financial growth and emotional support through positive thought and actions.

What does a week of exercise look like for you? 

Outside of lockdown, I get outdoors with Luna and friends every day. A simple hike or a full-on hike and swim. I do also enjoy pushing myself at the gym with a friend. This all gives me that extra time to catch up with my peers alongside training.

What is your general nutrition outlook/strategy? 

My diet is ultimately healthy... in my opinion. Fruit, veggies, superfoods and organic animal products make up 100% of my nutrition. My indulgences are still healthy foods and desserts that include natural ingredients.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to living well? 

Lately, motivation to exercise through lockdown due to the lack of outdoor time. But I am working towards a more flexible indoor training routine. 

What are your non-negotiable indulgences? 

Definitely too many dates... There are so many desserts to be made with dates but the belly does not love all of the dried fruit.

It's ten years from now: what do want your day, week or general life to look like, from a health perspective?

I want to be forever growing, to be able to spend even more time with friends and family outdoors all around the world. I must say though, health-wise I am pretty happy, so perhaps I'd like to be able to maintain my way of eating as it now comes so naturally.

If an individual wanted to start living healthier, what is the FIRST recommendation you would give them?

Focus on natural foods, focus on being happy and thankful for what you have. Enjoy nature and use it - rather than bars - to socialise. Keep growing in every positive aspect of your life.