Health Hacks: Mishka's Wellness Philosophies

Health Hacks: Mishka's Wellness Philosophies

We chatted to SA's lovely Mishka Patel - read on to find out the one healthy habit she's been practising since 2014, and which dinner food she cannot go without!

What is your definition of a healthy person?

An individual living a full, active and balanced lifestyle

What healthy habit/s do you follow daily, without fail?

  1. Lemon water every single morning when I wake up (I've been doing that since 2014)
  2. A green juice every single day 
  3. A green tea (maximum 2) a day 
  4. A minimum of 10,000 steps a day (that’s apart from training)

What does a week of exercise look like for you?

It varies. My goal would always be five times a week, but if my schedule doesn’t allow it, a minimum of three! I love virgin Active grid classes, weight training and running.

What is your general nutrition outlook/strategy?

I try to eat what works for me. Plenty of greens, fruits and vegetables - whether it’s in a juice form or it’s natural form, and I always include a form of protein in my meals as well. 

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to living well?

I have a gigantic sweet tooth!

What are your non-negotiable indulgences?

Sushi! Oh my word, I love sushi!

It's ten years from now: what do want your day, week or general life to look like, from a health perspective?

Balanced. I want to be healthy but live a balanced lifestyle. 

If an individual wanted to start living healthier, what is the FIRST recommendation you would give them?

Just start with the basics: drink more water.