The Importance Of Antioxidants

The Importance Of Antioxidants

The power of antioxidants

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how antioxidants help the body:

  • A rainbow of nutrients is so crucial to our health because of the broad antioxidant profile it offers us.
  • Antioxidants are essential for protecting the body from oxidation.
  • Oxidation causes inflammation in the body, and inflammation leads to chronic illness and disease.
  • Cardiovascular disease - the number one killer - is caused by inflammation, while a leading cause of colorectal cancer (and other cancers) - the second biggest killer - is oxidative stress.

It's clear we aren't getting enough crucial antioxidants based on the rate of chronic disease we're experiencing. 

Why variety is so important

The power of Nature's Nutrition superfoods is the broad profile of vitamins and minerals they offer, in a concentrated form.

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Here, there is a concentration of a broad profile of antioxidants into a single scoop - versus multiple supplements and multiple pieces of fresh produce. The water and fibre has been removed from fresh produce to create a potent blend of fruit and veggie extracts that are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

Gram for gram, this makes Nature's Nutrition more nutritional than whole fruit and vegetables. It also allows you to take in the nutritional profile of 50 fruits and veggies without actually (impossibly) having to eat 50 different fruits and veggies.

It would be unlikely that anyone has the time and resources to create reasonable daily portions of fruit and veggies that combine that many different elements.

If you're looking to increase your daily fresh produce consumption, our Nature's Nutrition Concentrates have the highest percentage of superfoods per scoop in our range.