Lauren Cannon

Competitive sport has always been an important part of Lauren’s life. She met her husband on the top step of the Buffalo City 70.3 podium, and in 2013, they set out to take on every race possible. Unbeknownst to Lauren, arthritis was setting in on the toe joints on her right foot, and excruciating pain slowly but surely saw her pulling out of races before losing the love for triathlon and racing altogether. 

After the birth of her two daughters, Lauren decided 2018 was the year to make a marathon comeback. A failed attempt to reach third place in Deloitte’s Half Marathon left Lauren’s right foot completely numb, and a grinding journey of x-rays, MRIs and finally surgery left her with the crippling prognosis that she would never run again. Ready to defy those odds, Lauren began an arduous battle of physio, and slowly but surely surprised her doctor’s with her progress. Six months after surgery, Lauren was ready to take to her bike again, with her husband.

Today, Lauren has her heart set on SA Champs. Sleep-ins are something of the past, as there is no time to catch up missed training with school drop-offs, extra murals and generally being a mom and wife. Her competitive goals require a huge amount of dedication and overtime, but Lauren is ready to reach her goal and make herself and her family proud.