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Beauty Collagen Drink | Coconut 6-pack

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Size: 300ml

Make a splash with Beauty Gen’s Collagen Beauty Drinks!

Give your beauty routine a refreshing upgrade with our Collagen Beauty Drinks. Chilled, delicious and slightly carbonated, our brand-new beauty boosters still contain the recommended 10 grams of Beauty Collagen®. Each flavour is enriched with a unique profile of superfood extracts as well as added vitamin C for collagen synthesis. This is beauty-boosting at its most refreshing, perfect for supporting skin, hair, nail and joint health on the go.


  • 10 g Beauty Collagen®
  • Superfood Enriched
  • 100 mg Vitamin C

Serving Suggestions

Serve chilled. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 48 hours

Beautygen Collagen Drink, Coconut