The Alkalising Effects Of Celery

The Alkalising Effects Of Celery

By now, we are aware that our dietary behaviours influence the body's acid-base balance. Many foods and drinks, especially meat, dairy products, sugar, coffee and alcohol are acid-forming. In general, western diets are considered acidogenic (acid-generating) due to the high amount of animal protein and an insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables. This is associated with a high dietary acid load and a low intake of base-forming dietary minerals such as potassium, magnesium or calcium.

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Managing excess acid

Several mechanisms in the body are used to compensate the excess in dietary acid load. One of them is the release of alkaline calcium salts from the skeleton to maintain the acid-base balance. Without adequate alkaline minerals - necessary to offset increases in acidity - your body struggles to maintain its internal acid/alkaline levels. This impacts your general health and energy levels, leading to many common health niggles such as fatigue, heartburn, headaches and gout.

Alkaline minerals

Fruit and vegetable intake provides alkaline minerals. Although large controlled clinical trials are still scarce, there is evidence that an increased intake of base-forming nutrients may be associated with improved health outcomes. Read these quick clinical studies' findings here. Evidence suggests that correction of dietary acid load could improve acid-base balance and thereby reduce chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, kidney stones or sarcopenia (muscle loss).

The high mineral content in celery is noteworthy when considering balancing the acid/base levels in the body. With minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium and sodium, celery can have a neutralising effect on acidic foods — not to mention the fact that these minerals are necessary for essential bodily functions. Remedy Greens® Supercelery Digestion contains 100% certified organic celery powder, in addition to seven other health-enhancing ingredients for powerful gut and overall health support.