Meet Wellness Guru, Manuela!

Meet Wellness Guru, Manuela!

A lot of passion is involved when it comes to finding and connecting with our lovely brand ambassadors. Authenticity is crucial, an interesting story helps share diversity (and hey, a little charm goes a long way too!), but - most importantly - we love opening our arms to those who have a deep respect and understanding of what it means to be your best and healthiest self. One such individual is the lovely Manuela Incediario, who we sat down to get to know a little better. Want to read her bio? You'll find it here.

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NN: What is your health philosophy?

M: I believe in investing time into building a better "me". I fill my life with yoga, meditation and a clean vegan plant-based diet. With a better mind, body and soul approach, I feel that I can achieve all my health goals. I find that I'm a lot more focused on my cycling and yoga when practising my daily morning routine properly. It boosts my energy and productivity levels for the day.

NN: Give us three words to describe yourself.

M: Passionate, vegan and empathetic. 

NN: What is your favourite food?

M: I absolutely love Buddha bowls - wholesome bowls of plant proteins, vegetables, grains and varying dressings. In essence, it's an overstuffed bowl resembling the belly of Buddha - according to Urban dictionary!

NN: And your favourite Nature’s Nutrition variant? (We had to ask!)

M: I absolutely love the Superfoods Blend + Protein in Natural Vanilla as its profile is filled with Spirulina, beetroot, mushrooms, plant-protein and probiotics - just up any vegan's alley ;) 

NN: What is your favourite way to enjoy Nature’s Nutrition?

M: I enjoy making smoothies or, on the weekends, smoothie bowls topped with lots of fresh fruits, chia seeds and nuts. Yum! 

NN: Describe a day in the life of Manuela.

M: I wake up at 4am, have a cup of green tea with mint, fresh lemon, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar for a bit of a morning oomph. I follow that with stretching and yoga, increasing the chi and flow of energy, followed by a 10-15 minute meditation. 

From 5am-10am, I train clients at the Virgin Active in Bryanston.

I then work in my permanent makeup studio, Flawless Cosmetics, from 10.30am onwards, doing all forms of permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, micro-blading, nano hair stroke brows and the like. 

Then from 3pm or 4pm I'm back at the gym for my evening clients.

7pm is dinner, followed by admin and online training programmes and diets for my clients.

No minutes are every left unused in my day :) 

NN: Wow! That's what you call a productive day. Any words to live by?

M: Some popular ones - Carpe Diem – Seize the day!

I also believe in practising living in the present. My favourite book is 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle! 

Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed... I'm loving Nature's Nutrition