Incredible Words From A Cancer Warrior

Incredible Words From A Cancer Warrior

Sometimes we receive stories that stop us in our tracks. This shared experience from Luanne Hart was one of those. It's a reminder that prioritising our health isn't a hobby or a preference, it's essential - and sometimes it will save your life.

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"At the age of 51 years, I was totally devastated when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in March 2018 and informed that there is no chance of being in remission. Stage 4 Cancer - a large tumour in my lower colon that spread to my lymph nodes above and below the diaphragm.

In April 2018, my sister and I travelled to Tygerberg Hospital with a referral letter and CT staging report to seek URGENT treatment. I arrived in a wheelchair on high doses of morphine syrup, I had dropped weight, was nauseous, shaking and in a lot of pain.

1 week later, I was admitted immediately. The doctors ran numerous tests to confirm the primary site - a PET scan was performed and all was revealed. I felt numb and really did not show much emotion. I received 5 days of intense radiation and have completed 3 weeks of chemo over a period of time since September 2018.

Well-meaning friends, family, and friends of friends all start telling you what to eat and what not to eat. I approached a dear friend to assist me in finding a product that I could take to feed my body nutritionally and fight this dreaded disease.

Nature's Nutrition Super Greens & Reds was highly recommended.

Upon collection of this product, I knew I was now on the right track for optimal nutrition and healing.

Nature's Nutrition has 50 organic superfoods, dairy-free probiotics, and includes wheatgrass, alfalfa, spirulina, kale, beetroot, berries, barley grass, aloe, pomegranate, apple pectin, flaxseed and mushroom.

It is impossible for us to consume the recommended daily allowances of fruit and veggies, never mind that it's not easy to locate organic markets and good quality fresh produce. Having Stage 4 Cancer, the healing remedy for myself is keeping my body in an alkaline state. That's what Nature's Nutrition Superfoods do for me. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline pH. The cancer cells cannot grow and multiply.

Since taking in two servings of Nature's Nutrition daily, my pH levels become and remain alkaline. I am no longer in a wheelchair or using my walker to move around each day. I strongly believe that Nature's Nutrition is going to play a huge role in me becoming CANCER-FREE.

My favourite flavour is Raw Vanilla (this has been discontinued, but our Natural Vanilla with Added Protein is a close second), and I cannot go one day without My Super Greens & Reds.

This amazing product should be in every household for adults and children, as our daily routines - personal and business - are becoming more and more stressful. Through my daily experience using the Super Greens & Reds, I believe this amazing product will lead me into remission.

I believe that Super Greens & Reds can prevent cancer from occurring in your bodies and give you optimum health by boosting your immunity.

So my journey continues. I will be updating my Facebook Page during my stay at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital. And I'll be taking my 50 Organic Superfoods with me!

Your life is special and very important; look after your and your children's health.

God Bless
Luanne Hart🙏"

- 13th December, 2018

Thank you, Luanne, for sharing your personal journey with us. We're rooting for you.