The Important Pros Of Probiotics

The Important Pros Of Probiotics

So, it's pretty unlikely that you made it through 2018 without hearing about the importance of gut health. This hot topic isn't going anywhere either, with good reason.

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Most of the body’s immunity cells60-80%, in factexist in the digestive system. It's no surprise, then, that a lot of the body’s health and appearance depends on what’s going on in the gut. We have both good and bad live bacteria in the digestive tract and it's the job of the good bacteria (probiotics) to keep the baddies in check. Without enough good bacteria, the body falls prey to infections and inflammation, so keeping up this balance is essential for maintaining good health. (Our Superfoods boast 100 million CFUs per serving.)

Some specific ways probiotics help the body include:

  • Helping restore the composition of the gut microbiome
  • Improving nutrient absorption
  • Healing digestive issues
  • Supporting overall brain health
  • Helping fight certain allergic conditions, skin problems and infections
  • Hydrating the skin, building collagen and strengthening the skin's barrier function
  • Promoting thicker, shinier hair and strong, clear nails
  • While probiotics can be found in certain foods, it’s difficult to get enough from diet alone. Supplementing with probiotics is a great preventative health measure, helping to keep your microbiome in balance, your immune system healthy and warding off illness. The health benefits - and safety - of a probiotic depend largely on the strain. Nature's Nutrition products include LactoSpore®, which is safe and well-tolerated by healthy individuals when ingested orally.
We chose LactoSpore® because:
  • It maintains viability during preparation and storage (no easy feat, given that this is live bacteria we're talking about)
  • It survives its journey down the digestive tract, into the intestine (where many probiotics may be broken down before they reach their destination)
  • It settles in the digestive tract and produces enough lactic acid and other antagonistic substances to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria
  • Do you think you're getting enough probiotics from diet alone? A probiotic supplement could help bolster your health.