Are Nature’s Nutrition Superfood Drink Mixes suitable for children?
Our products are hypoallergenic and vegan friendly. They’re great-tasting too! If you’re including our products into kiddies’ diets, we simply advise halving the recommended dosage.

How do I store my open containers?
We recommend storing opened containers in either the fridge or freezer to preserve shelf life, but a cool, dry pantry works well too.

Can I take your products while pregnant/breastfeeding?
While our products only contain plant-based ingredients, taking them while pregnant/breastfeeding is a personal choice and we recommend getting consent from your doctor.

Where do your ingredients come from?
We take great pride in having sourced only the highest quality certified USDA organic ingredients from the USA. These are blended on home soil with organic acacia soluble fibre, pea protein, flavourings, vitamin C and stevia extract.

Do the Superfoods Drink Mixes containing plant protein serve as a meal replacement?
Every serving of our Superfoods Drink Mixes containing plant protein offers 300mg of Vitamin C, 10g plant protein, 138 million CFU of dairy-free probiotics, 4g of dietary fibre and a blend of super greens and reds. At less than 80 calories per serving, this drink mix fits the needs of many lifestyles, but we advise discussing calorie needs and specific meal requirements with a nutritionist or doctor before substituting meals with our products.

Are your greens and reds raw or uncooked?
Yes, our greens and reds are raw and have not been cooked. They have been dehydrated, allowing them to retain maximum levels of heat-sensitive nutrients.

When is the best time to take your product?
It can be taken any time of day. Many individuals prefer to drink it an hour before meals with water or juice for easy digestion, while others love incorporating it into smoothie meals for a filling, nutrient-dense liquid meal. Our products contain no stimulants and can therefore be taken right before bed.

Why did you choose pea protein?
Pea protein is a nutrient-dense plant protein that is hypoallergenic, comparatively high in BCAAs to whey protein, vegan, lactose-free and easily digestible.